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By Krizia De La Puente

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Kodak Black's Team Shares His Address & Invites Fans To Send Letters

By Mitch Findlay
January 08, 2020

With Kodak Black currently serving a sentence of forty-six months in prison, the distance between the young rapper and his fans has never been wider. These days, the only updates we tend to receive on the Kodak front are highly oppositional in nature; either he's engaging in admirable charity work or finding himself at the center of prison altercations. With such a sizeable sentence, it's hard to predict the climate upon his release. Luckily, the Sniper Gang leader has built himself a loyal following, many of whom continue to show support by writing letters to the incarcerated rapper.

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Clearly, the letters are having a profoundly positive effect on Kodak's psyche. Today, the Sniper Gang Apparel Instagram Page actually posted his address, encouraging fans to keep up the good work. "Keep them letters coming. They mean the world to Yak," writes the message, alongside Kodak's P.O. Box, government name, and prison addy.

Unfortunately, it'll be a while yet before Kodak Black returns to the fold. Given his slew of legal trouble, one has to wonder if he'll ever be able to shake the full extent of his baggage. We can only hope the young rapper keeps his head up, and his fans continue to hold it down on the page. Should you be interested in sending some well wishes in Kodak's direction, check the address below.


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