Filter Face Mask (ZZZ)

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These stylish masks not only keep out urban pollution, exhaust fumes, haze, allergens, fine particles, dust and smoke, they also fold easily and take up little spaces in bags!

So if you demand more out of your masks than what the ordinary can offer, grab our stylish face mask today.

*Absolutely NO exchanges or returns.  All sales are final.

A word of caution: In order for a face mask to be effective, it has to wrap fairly tightly around your face to prevent air leaks and this can get uncomfortable, especially if you have never worn one before. So like any face mask, those highlighted here do require some getting used to.

Lastly, the face masks below are only meant for reducing discomfort caused by non-toxic particles and casual use. They are not NIOSH approved and are not meant for industrial or medical purposes where hazardous gases, particles and vapors are involved.